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AirView2 wirelessHD DeX/PC/Mac/NS touchscreen

AirView wireless touchscreen, for smartphone, desktop, and any devices portable on-the-go

AirView2 wireless DeX/PC/Mac, 4K/FHD touchscreen. wirelessHD mm-Wave technology. ZERO-lag. 13.3’/15.6′, Bluetooth Lightweight. Full laminated, Vivid & ultra-brightness. 100% color space. USD-C & HDMI mm-Wave 2-in-1 transmitter is included.

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AirView2 wirelessHD DeX/PC/Mac, 4K/FHD touchscreen. mm-Wave technology. Zero lag. 

⭐WirelessHD mm-Wave technology. The world’s first ZERO lag wireless touchscreen.

⭐Wireless Samsung DeX/Android/PC/Mac multi-touch screen.

⭐Plug and play. No pair WIFI need. No APP installation. Hassle free connection.

⭐Both USB-C and HDMI video-in support, and smartphone dock function.

⭐Wireless Nintendo Switch display. Smartphone Somatosensory games’ display.

⭐Extremely responsive, ZERO latency. Lossless picture/video quality.

⭐Ultra-wide 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

⭐sRGB 100% color space, optimal color/contrast than other panels.

⭐Outstanding color accuracy and screen consistency.

⭐Fully laminated IPS, higher optical transparency (>94%), brilliant color clarity and brightness, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

⭐Built-in battery 10200mAh, lightweight and thinness for mobility. PD quick charge.

AirView 2nd generation come out the earth. It’s the world’s first ZERO lag wireless touchscreen. Advanced mm-Wave wirelessHD and touchable feature integrated in a portable touchscreen monitor ever. It’s your wireless touchable display, it’s your dock, it’s your powerbank, it’s your speakers, and it’s versatile comperhensive cater for all your need. Fully support wireless Samsung DeX, smartphone and PC/Mac screen touchable, Nintendo or any HDMI wireless display without latency.

Hands-on video of AirView2

AirView2 utilizes the industrial leading WirelessHD (mm-Wave) technology that is normally found in 5G networks. The WirelessHD specification is based on a 7 GHz channel in the 60 GHz Extremely High Frequency radio band. It allows either lightly compressed (proprietary wireless link-aware codec) or uncompressed digital transmission of high-definition video and audio and data signals, essentially making it equivalent of a wireless HDMI. First-generation implementation achieves data rates from 4 Gbit/s, but the core technology allows theoretical data rates as high as 25 Gbit/s (compared to 10.2 Gbit/s for HDMI 1.3 and 21.6 Gbit/s for DisplayPort 1.2), permitting WirelessHD to scale to higher resolutions, color depth, and range.

We know many others cabled/wired portable monitors. Most of them were not have enough selling points. Many others were not full-laminated, not equipped with high capacity battery power, not have wirelessHD feature to lead ahead of the future, not have adequated USB-C ports. But they were selling almost same or 2/3 price of AirView2.  If you were still thinking or pledged others, then it’s time to get AirView2 instead, that brings you much more adanced features. It’s not others can compete with AirView2.


A133wltswc, A156wltswc
Wireless display technology Wifi Miracast 2.4G / 5G WirelessHD mmWave
Transmitter None Yes (Free with AirView2)
Wireless display latency 4ms to 200ms vary on WIFI quality Zero latency
Bluetooth version 4.2 4.2
Bluetooth firmware updatable updatable
iOS (iPhone/iPad) NOT wirelessly touchable NOT wirelessly touchable
Samsung smartphones YES wirelessly touchable YES wirelessly touchable
Other Android phones (except MTK) YES wirelessly touchable YES wirelessly touchable
PC/Windows/Mac YES wirelessly touchable, no APP needed YES wirelessly touchable,no APP needed
Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox USB-C or HDMI cable USB-C or wirelessHD HDMI 
Other HDMI devices cabled display YES display YES display

Note: Please pick your desire model when you are ordering. There’s no replacement if ordered undesire model.



How much more could you get done by connecting devices with a touchable display without a cable?  AirView2 its DeX/PC/Mac touchable feature is perfectly for any usages, no matter wired or wireless. Not only for laptop, game station or PC, but also for smartphone or mobile devices.  Nowadays, many Android 10 onward smartphones have built-in desktop mode are coming popular. Portable mobile work become more efficient and easy.

AirView 2nd generation is not a common wireless display. Forget other impossible products. AirView2 already fully support Samsung DeX wireless touchable. Beyond your imagination, many feature are come true and not been constrained by traditional cable anymore.


How long have you been longing for a wireless Samsung DeX or PC wireless touchable screen? Now it’s come true! In the past, Samsung DeX was not possible wirelessly touchable. That constrains been killed by AirView2. From now on, AirView2 bring you future wireless expereience beyond cable connect. ZERO lag touchscreen feature, no matter for any Android desktop mode, or gaming via AirView2 are super amazing.

AirView2 improved long last battery support joyful gaming anywhere. With Type-C & WirelessHD new technology, AirView supports any DP alt mode devices. Which means not only Nintendo Switch, but also other Android games & somatosensory games are playable & touchable over wired or wirelessly without any latency.

Whether desktop gamer, mobile gamer or just leisure, the versatile AirView2 turn up the game with more details display, color space and clarity. With Hi-Fi sound, playing really joyful immersively. The most important is AirVIew2 support wireless Nintendo Switch & somatosensory game display now!

AirView beyond common touchscreen monitor, even for producer, vlogger, photographer, filmmaker, director can monitor on-camera videos while shooting without cable constraint. Professionals can see more details on bigger screen, and real-time control each element via touch.

AirView2 as car infotainment system give you unlimited connectivities to your smartphone and car integration. Over APPs abilities, you will get much more advanced than your built-in navigation system thanks to APP’s fantastic features like Car Connectivity, Real-time Traffic Information, Speed Limits, Fuel Prices, Voice Guided, Parking Services and more.


A few weeks ago we were so excited about Samsung DeX rolled out its wireless DeX over Miracast technology. It seamlessly perfectly works with AirView1. We tested in the Samsung retail shop, which is so great quality almost like a cabled connection. We can’t wait to shoot a short video to show you how these excitings.

Now AirView1 reward perk is available for all of you. Don’t miss out. It’s another great product for DeX, PC, Mac and Android smartphone. For wireless DeX, all OneUI 2.5 version are work. i.e. S9, Note9, S10, Note10, S20, Note20, Galaxy Fold…


Note: Above transmitter dimension is for prototype design only. Final dimension will be slightly different.

AirView2 combo wirelessHD transmitter is 2-in-1 use. It can support both USB-C and HDMI video devices. Versatile detachable HDMI module is handy for any HDMI devices. Just plug-n-play for video devices transmitting high-definition video content to AirView2 without any latency.

Fully laminated LCD display, greatly reduce glare and eliminating the air gap,combining the cover glass and touch panel layers. This offers higher optical transparency (>94%) than conventional display, resulting in brilliant color clarity and brightness, make your pictures even more transparent and colorful, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The surface of the screen is fully laminated with tempered glass and treated with electroplated oil-repellent layer to improve touch control Fluency and comfort, and screen protection.

The spectacular 15.6-inch wide gamut display makes photos, videos and games look exquisite and vivid. And, thanks to the IPS panel’s full-view technology, viewing from all angles is visually pleasing.

AirView2 has wide frequency range and higher sensitivity rating stereo speakers. These integrated speakers provide robust, crystal-clear, and natural sound reproduction, so all of audio scenes sound impressive great.

Audio engineers, composers, musicians, and music lovers will benefit from dynamic, rich sound no matter where they go. When working on a laptop, two extra speakers make all the difference when mixing tracks and editing. When on a phone or tablet, AirView2 transforms your media into a cinematic experience with crystal clear audio.

Two-way PD quick charging protocol, full charge just in 2 hours, you can play for 4 hours, and can be used as PD mobile powerbank, for charging your other devices at any time.

AirView2 wireless display is made of light aluminum alloy, lighter weight and better compression resistance, making it super easy to carry.

AirView2 cable
connect mode
AirView2 wirelessHD +
bluetooth mode
Samsung DeX Display & touchable Wireless display & touchable
Android phones with USB-C video output (except MTK) Display & touchable Wireless display & touchable
PC/Windows/Linux/Mac Display & touchable Wireless display & touchable
Nintendo Switch/Xbox/PS4 (via HDMI) Display Wireless display
iOS/iPadOS (via lightning to HDMI adapter) Display Wireless display
iOS/iPadOS (via AirView lightning transmitter) Display Wireless display
Other HDMI devices Display Wireless display
Resolution 4K UHD 1080p FHD

Note: Bluetooth firmware is updatable for newer devices touchable.


Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 46 × 29 cm